Washington County Harvest of Hope gleans, grows, and gives food to programs that feed hungry people in our communities.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Making a Difference for 12 Years

Juanita Baker and Betty Stollar began volunteering with Harvest of Hope in 2007, were the first to drive the truck purchased in 2008, and continued the tradition by being the first to drive the new truck in May 2019. They are committed to rescue and delivery one day each month, usually the first Wednesday, and always enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Busy Bee before they begin their route.

Juanita, originally from Lima, OH, and a graduate of The Ohio State University, and Betty, a Marietta native and graduate of Ohio University, both taught in Barlow/Vincent. These long time friends wanted to give back to the community when they retired. Seeing firsthand the effects hunger had on their students, Harvest of Hope’s Mission appealed to them on many levels. “It’s nice to know you’re helping people,” said former board member Juanita. Betty noted, “I’m proud to deliver food to the community meals. As teachers, we know many children are in need of nutritious food.”

Betty and Juanita feel the community is served well by Harvest of Hope. Juanita mentioned they “can rescue between 200 and 500 pounds of food on their route which means so much to the pantries and community meals to which it’s delivered. We also know several parents of children we once taught who are also involved in feeding the hungry. We feel we are making a positive difference.” “When I see the lines of people waiting for Gospel Mission to open, I feel good about what we’re doing,” Betty said. “We get to meet new people all the time and are introduced to a whole new segment of the community.” They both agree the small amount of time involved in volunteering on the truck is very rewarding.

Their hope is to see a day in five to ten years when rescuing food to deliver to the hungry is no longer needed. Until then, they will be on the truck the first Wednesday of every month enjoying their route, making sure food is not wasted, and serving their hungry neighbors with good natured smiles and a sense of accomplishment.

-Gail Reynolds-

The need is great

Each week, more than 25% of our food goes to waste in the United States. Many individuals go hungry or eat low-nutrition foods that fill their stomachs but don't provide a healthy diet.

In Washington County alone, 16.4% of our population and 21.4% of our children live in poverty. Help feed the hungry in our communities by joining hands with Harvest of Hope!

By the numbers

Food Recovered since 2005:     1,000,000 lbs.

Volunteers:     More than 100 helping in all aspects of the organization.

Community Gardens:     4 gardens serving; 77 individuals, 39 households, 3 organizations.

Agencies Served:     42 with 24 receiving regular deliveries.

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