Washington County Harvest of Hope gleans, grows, and gives food to programs that feed hungry people in our communities.



By the numbers

Food Recovered since 2006:     983,406 lbs.

Volunteers:     More than 100 helping in all aspects of the                            organization.

Community Gardens:     4 gardens serving;                                                                   77 individuals,                                                                           39 households,                                                                         3 organizations.

Agencies Served:     42 with 24 receiving regular                                                    deliveries.

The need is great

Each week, more than 25% of our food goes to waste in the United States. Many individuals go hungry or eat low-nutrition foods that fill their stomachs but don't provide a healthy diet.

In Washington County alone, 16.4% of our population and 21.4% of our children live in poverty. Help feed the hungry in our communities by joining hands with Harvest of Hope!